Sunday, December 19, 2010

From the beginning

Hello World, for the purpose of this documentary, i would call myself ''SUGAR''.
My name is Sugar, i am a 22 years old female of african origin. The main reason why i started this blog is because i feel that at my age, i shuld have developed well with regards to my bodily features, and would like to enhance some of my features. I am abit slim, with height of about 5''4, and have a good body. however, i feel that my hips and buttocks are not big enough. my breasts are big enough and i love them, i would not be enhancing them, but my sole aim is to enhance my hips and buttocks.

i have read and studied alot on hip/buttock enlargement, but at this point, i shall not be mentioning what i will use till i try it and i get results. i am dedicating 3months to this,and if after 3months i see no result,then i shall quit. i shall be having before and after pictures to prove.If after 3 months this works, i will be sharing my story around the world to help troubled women who will like to enlarge their features and suggest to them what i used.

i have now started my enhancement,and this is day 1 of the journey. i have just taken my pictures,and shall be uploading it after 1month when i take another batch. Keep watching this space for updates!

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